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    I sent my rifles to Ernie on March 19th and was told that they would be completed in 2 weeks. I contacted him one month later after not receiving a call or shipping notice. His excuse was that he had electrical problems in the shop and they should be completed next week. I called one month later again after no call or shipping notice. He said his compresser broke down. I called him again another month later on this past June 19 and was told that he finished coating the rifles and just needed to put them back together and he would call me the next day. I never received a call and I called him. After spending over 2 hours on the phone with him while he talked about coating firearms for everyone else he said they were done and they would ship the next day. Well, I got a tracking number but now it's been 4 days without receiving updates from Fed Ex on the status. When I contacted Fed Ex I was told that a shipping label was created but they never got the shipment from him. So I called Ernie today and he said that the abel wouldn't scan and he had to create a new one. He wouldn't give me the new shipping label number because he said he wasn't at his shop because he was at the hospital all day with his wife who had hip surgery. He said he would call me when he got back to his shop with the number. Now I called Fed Ex and they have no new label number after entering my name in their system. I called Ernie back again and told him this and he said to calm down and he would call me later with the number. Am I an idiot? Can someone give me some feedback on this. I have read numerous negative posts on him and even sent him the threads and he says they are isolated situations and an excuse for each one. This is crazy.
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