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    I am a long time bolt action hunter with few semi-automatic sporting rifles. I am now thinking of purchasing a AR 15 most likely in .223 but am open to more moderized calibers. I do have a mini-14/30. Within reason money is not the problem. I do not think I would want to pay more than $1600. Can you folks recommend an AR 15 that I could purchase for use as a non-competition target or varmint model. I could go with a semi-heavy barrel but would like to enjoy using a slighlty heavier sporting barrel so I could carry this one in the field. I would think about a 22" barrel. Any suggestions?
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    You should have the Mods move this to the right section, General Firearm Discussion or perhaps Rifle & Shotgun Discussion you will get alot more replies
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    I built one for the first time a few months ago, and I totally recommend going this route. It gives you the most control over the options you want and you can get a great quality rifle for cheap. I got a Del-ton 20" A3 kit with chrome bolt and then picked up a Spike Tactical stripped lower (they have a bunch of engraving options that turned my crank). Lastly, I strapping a 1x4 power Millett DMS1 red dot on top. ~$1000 total. Took it to Christmas Valley a few times this spring, and it can pick off sage rats at 75 yards all day long. It's way more accurate than I'll ever be.

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