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Looking to pick up a .308 bolt-action hunting rifle. This will be for deer and also for target shooting (I'm weird - I like to shoot at paper with a rifle). I'd prefer something that's well-built and rugged...hoping this will be a rifle that takes me into my golden (har!) years.

I am very familiar with .308 reloading and find it an excellent all-around cartridge so I'm sticking with that.

I recently saw a Savage 11 Hog Hunter (described here). I love Savage's triggers and this one comes with a threaded barrel. Adding a muzzle brake would be nice. I have a Savage .22 bolt-action and it's a fine rifle. However, this is literally the first rifle I've considered so I want to look at more and get more opinions.

I'll be putting a Leupold scope on the .308.
Depends on how you want it configured as in where the safety is and how it fits you. For me, I am a controlled round feed fanatic, but that is just me. Nor am I a fan of muzzle brakes.

I would suggest going and trying some on for size so to speak. Pretty much all of the currently produced CNC rifles have darn good accuracy.


my 2 cents:

The Tikkas are nice for wieght but the recoil is much worse. Also, they are not very ergonomic for everyone. (Terrible for me)

I would prefer Savage. They are all around solid rifles in the 110/111 or other flavors. For hunting especially here in the NW synthetic is the way to go. Sure its not pretty but durable. AND the synthetic is much better at absorbing recoil too.
It's really hard to beat the Trophy hunter series. The Nikon 3-9 scopes are more than good enough for light range and hunting work. Pretty easy to upgrade if you must.

Also, the Savages are very good for those of us that can shoot from both sides but prefer to shoot left as well.
Good luck with your purchase.
I prefer savages because I’m a lefty. But I don’t like left handed rifles. (I’m weird)
I need that tang safety.

I 308 doesn’t have a lot of recoil, but if you go with a really light rifle I’d put a brake on it, if not trying to go super light I’d get a standard barrel unless you wanted to run a suppressor at some point.

You really can’t go wrong with a savage. They are cheap, easy to modify, and just shoot amazing out the box.

There are some Tikka fanatics who swear by them, and for good reason. They are very accurate, and smooth as butter.

I’d choose one of those.

But for savage I wouldn’t go the hog hunter route, they are great rifles but thy are heavy as a hog too
Solid recommendations so far, I like to start with a budget. If you are working with less than 500 get a Ruger American in 308, 500 - 1000 get a Tikka or Bergara B14, 1000+ buy a Bergara Premiere.


I always liked my Ruger 77 SS with Kevlar stock in .308. Despite the stainless barrel, due to the shorter action and kevlar stock it was light enough to carry around all day, and easy peasy maintenance. Trigger was ok, but I stoned it a bit and then it was great. Buy one if you can find one.

It's soft enough shooting, but I'm getting old so I wanted to have the barrel turned for a brake. I have a few other rifles with brakes, just ask others at the range before blasting their ears.... sometimes you gotta take off the brakes. :)


The budget....$!

BTW.....I was at the Pawn Shop today. And I saw many .30-06 rifles built on Mauser 98 actions that could probably do it for you. Built "sporter conversions" or even rifles built on post-war commercial 98 actions. There isn't much plastic and/or pot metal with those old gals.

Aloha, Mark
Last Edited:
this! Tikka T3X super lite stainless and just buy an air cell stock pad. If308 is too much recoil get a 6.5 creedmoor or something like that
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