Recoil Comparison: Glock 20 & 21

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by polarisgold, Jun 18, 2012.

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    I had to sell my G21 a while back. My 14 year old daughter was angry about me selling it, she loved to shoot that .45.

    I've never shot the 10mm so I'm wondering how much worse is the recoil ?

    I can buy the compensated G20 but it seems to me that the porting on the barrel of the 20C is almost in the middle of the barrel. Wouldn't this reduce the velocity??

    The old Magna Porting of 20+ years ago was near the muzzel. I don't want to reduce the velocity of the 10mm or I might as well buy a 40S&W.

    Thanks to the people that take the time to answer this....I am looking for a G20 just not sure if I should get a compensated one or not.
  2. sheepman

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    A lot of the 10mm ammo is not much better than a 40. The G20 and G21 are both very soft shooting guns for the caliber. Currently only have a G21 but the G20 that I had was not much worse for recoil than the 45, it really depends on the ammo. The G20works great with an aftermarket 40 barrel, gives you the best of both worlds. Not a fan of porting in any thing, rifle, shotgun or handgun.
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    I would get a regular G20 or G20SF and pass on the compensated models. There shouldn't be too great of a difference in the velocities but I can't see how flames coming out half way down the barrel would be pleasant, a ported Lonewolf barrel sounds more appealing. The recoil on my G20SF is about the same as my friends 1911, just a little snappier. I would advocate getting a 20+lb recoil spring and then a 40S&W conversion barrel for cheaper plinking. Most factory loads are a hair hotter than 40, but not by much.
  4. M67

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    There is a big difference between a full power 10mm load VS a 40 S&W. You can load a 10mm to equal a 40 S&W but not the other way around.

    According to my reloading manuals, the 10mm outperforms the .40 S&W by 200–250 ft/s for similar bullet weights when using max power loads.
  5. chemist

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    One thing about .45 ACP is the enormous variety of store-bought loads that are available. Take a good look at 185 gr. +P ballistics for the .45, and you'll see that they're darned close to the performance of most 180 gr. full-power 10mm ammo. (like at Ballistics By The Inch, for example)

    Now if you want to point to Buffalo Bore products, then that's a different story. Most don't consider those good SD loads for daily carry - unless you're in Alaska.

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