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For the past who-knows how many elections, "gun control" was a big topic. I feel that now that all the feces has hit the fan since the last election cycle(s), A LOT of people on the left and right are starting to see true agenda's from the Dem party.

I am guessing that the Dem's are stepping back and going to side-step "gun control" issues and talk about something else. Then if/when they are elected into office(s) they will be back to pushing "gun control" as usual. Like a magician.... they want you to watch the left hand while the right hand is doing something sneaky.
As more and more people on the left see the dems exposed by other leftists, they will start to research and question more. People like tim pool and jimmy dore are helpful to the cause, because leftists will eventually realize every reason they are against the war on drugs and other topics, is equally true for the war on guns. As more and more twisted and misconstrued statistics are publicly corrected by alternative media sources, the more left leaning people will return to the center.
You know how conservatives have to keep quiet about their beliefs in public to avoid trouble?
Imagine being ON THE LEFT with the "wrong" opinion on guns. Eventually the truth will show its face
Not generalizing here. I converse with people with my mind open, genuinely curious to understand the mindsets of voters - on both/all sides.

Several chronic dems I know make wistful comments that they'd "like to own a gun for home defense." As if mere ownership might somehow create a supernatural force-field of protection around the house. Said interest is often mumbled under the breath like a secret confession, lest they're overheard voicing such treachery. It sounds a lot like, "Salem should control everyone else... as long as I have mine because I'm smart and reasonable."

Given this disconnected perspective (like my own ignorance of algebra and golf), they often know little/nothing about weapons, safety, ammo or gear. Not a thought to emergency family- or self-defense. The concept of an empty weapon locked in a safe in the back of the closet fails to strike them as dangerously absurd.

To my own observation, when the shrill castrati in Portland, Salem, Seattle, Olympia and DC fabricate each new anti-2A mantra, they pander to mass ignorance. Individual thoughts of ownership evaporate into thin air. And the emotional knee-jerk response is to support even stricter control measures - however far-fetched and ridiculous.
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It has always been my experience any support for 'gun control' is isolated and sparser that reported. Where I live the only talk about gun control goes the same way as that of dems & Libs!

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