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    Anybody here with one of these rare items - PLEASE READ NOW!!!

    Concerning: RS05 Magnum calibre
    Dear Sirs,

    1) We regret having to inform you about a problem regarding the straight-pull bolt action rifle RSO5 with barrels of the type 300WinMagnum and regarding the 7mm Remington Magnum with barrels of the type “Magnum” and regarding the usage of the corresponding ammunition of the calibre “Magnum”. According to our market monitoring the fastener (chamber) can suddenly come out when under high pressure. This rarely occurs and the reasons are as yet unidentified. It may lead to the shooter being injured, possibly seriously, and may also damage the rifle. Also, persons in close vicinity to the shooter can be endangered, especially if these are behind said person. In principle the outcome could be fatal, although that has not yet occurred.

    2) At this stage we are not in a position to determine how such accidents can occur with the RSO5 using the ammunition of the type “Magnum” and the corresponding barrels of the type “Magnum”.

    3) Accidents with the RSO5 are rare as many of our customers are satisfied with “our” straight-pull bolt action rifle and we presume they use the rifle frequently. It is not clear under what conditions this absolutely atypical reaction and the resulting injuries can occur. Normally the RSO5 functions faultlessly.

    4) For the time being and as a precaution we recommend not buying/using the RSO5 with barrels of the type 300 WinMagnum or the 7mm Remington Magnum with barrels of the type “Magnum” for an indefinite period, and also especially not using cartridges of the calibre “Magnum”.

    5) We ask you to pass on this warning verifiably to all your customers who have bought or use such rifles or barrels.

    6) The RSO5 can be fitted with various barrels for various calibres. Up to now no accidents with the RSO5 when using other barrels or calibres have been reported. Our warning therefore does not concern rifles which are used solely with other barrels.

    7) We recommend that any rifles used in the past with barrels and ammunition of the type/calibre “Magnum” as well as with any other barrels for smaller calibres be sent to us, the manufacturers, for checking and servicing regardless of the choice of calibre before further usage. We also recommend this in cases where rifles were used with barrels and ammunition of the type “Magnum” and are going to be used with other barrels for smaller calibres. This should be done before any further usage.

    8) Included in this warning for servicing are all rifles of type RSO5 which were purchased from our company within the last two years. These will be checked free of charge by our company and we will take over any transport costs. Costs incurred by dealers for manipulating the rifles will not be borne. Customers who are interested in this offer are asked to hand over the rifle with barrels, magazine and trigger, unloaded and secured, to the dealer where said rifle and accessories were purchased. It must be properly packed with the full name and delivery address, telephone number and email address (if any) of the sender. The dealer will be asked to send the rifles and any parts to the appropriate wholesaler for the country. These will be collected and once there is a sufficient number they shall be sent to us:
    HMS Präzisionstechnik GmbH,
    Gewerbestraße 11,
    5301 Eugendorf,
    The customer can of course contact the appropriate wholesaler directly. This is recommendable for cases where any kind of authorisation is needed for sending the rifles and its parts. The rifle will be returned the same way.

    We would be grateful for a short written statement regarding the usage of the rifle and how many shots approximately have been fired, and how many with ammunition of the calibre “Magnum”.

    If a rifle was bought from us more than two years ago we will service it free of charge as a one-off. The costs for transportation and the dealer’s costs shall be borne by the customer.

    The servicing and inspection entails the opening and shutting of the fastener, visually inspecting all parts for possible signs of wear or damage and also adjusting and cleaning the rifle.

    The servicing takes two months at the most after receiving the rifle. The rifles will be serviced in the order that we receive them. Rifles which are sent to us after 30/6/2012 will not be inspected and serviced free of charge. The present inspection and servicing offer ends with this date.

    Should any rifles which are no longer guaranteed need repairing, we will send an estimate and the customer can decide within a month if the rifle is to be repaired subject to charge. If there is no repair order the rifle will be returned unrepaired. In the case of guarantee (if the rifle was bought from us within the last two years) or in the case of a guarantee commitment which has come into effect, we will of course carry out any necessary repair free of charge.

    9) This warning and the call for servicing is without precedent for the legal and factual
    situation and is a mere precautionary measure. No guarantee of any kind will be given. In addition, no compensation will be offered or given in particular for loss of hunting pleasure, frustrated hunting holidays, shootings missed out on, costs for substitute rifles, advisory costs etc.

    10) We assure you that the rifle prior to shipment has undergone all the usual tests with a positive outcome and that this rifle type is constantly being developed and tested. Up to now all tests have been passed, in particular the official firing. The rifle was thus technically up to date when it was bought, which according to us rules out guarantee and claims for errors and damage. The offer to inspect the purchased rifles and to service them at the same time is voluntary customer support and entails no obligations for us.

    11) As it cannot be excluded that handling errors by shooters lead to the above-
    mentioned type of accident, it is expressly and repeatedly stated that – as more or less with any other weapon – in particular
    60 seconds must pass after a failed shot prior to the opening of the rifle and that the rifle needs to be held in such a manner so that – in the event of the shot being released subsequently – nobody can be injured,
    only a considerable time after the closing of the fastener the shot may be fired,
    the repetition action (opening of the fastener) may only be started after the bullet has left the barrel and the pressure has been completely reduced,
    only flawless ammunition may be used, paying special attention to correct storage, age, homogeneity of the propellant etc.,
    in the case of excessive heat generation in the barrel and the casing further shots may not be fired until these have cooled down,
    only the hydraulic oil or weapon oil recommended by the manufacturer may be used (alkaline or acid oils or any additives can attack the mechanism). Cleaning agents must be pH-neutral and suitable for treating the rifle,
    the rifle must be allowed to recoil (it must not be jammed),
    the rifle and ammunition must be treated carefully and especially bangs, contamination and atypical mechanical impacts must be avoided. If any of this happens the rifle and ammunition must be checked for correct functioning before being used again.

    All of the above is the sole responsibility of the shooter. From a safety point of view even the best technology cannot remedy wrong handling or maintenance or prevent accidents without affecting the functioning negatively. A (very low) remaining risk persists.

    These precaution measures must be adhered to especially regarding the handling of rifles of the type RSO5, irrespective of the calibre or barrel used.

    12) As soon as we have scientific results regarding the cause of the above-mentioned type of accident with barrels or ammunition of the type “Magnum” we shall inform you and your customers and – as far as possible – make recommendations as to how the safety level of the RSO5 can be increased so that this in all probability does not happen again.

    13) We will also endeavour in the future to analyse every accident and incident to
    determine the causes and, if necessary, react accordingly. In doing so we rely on
    the support and cooperation of our customers and dealers and would like to thank you advance for your understanding and assistance. We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused,

    With kind regards,
    HMS Präzisionstechnik GmbH

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    Are these even available in the USA?

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