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    Firearms Industry Praises U.S. Rep. John R. Carter For Introducing Secure Firearms Act

    NEWTOWN, Conn. -- The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), the trade association for the firearms, ammunition, hunting and shooting sports industry, today praised U.S. Rep. John R. Carter (R-31, Texas) for his introduction of the bipartisan Secure Firearms Act.

    "The members of America's firearms industry thank Rep. Carter for his leadership in offering a real bi-partisan solution that will help make our families safer," said Lawrence G. Keane, NSSF Senior Vice President and General Counsel. "Helping firearms owners responsibly and safely store their firearms when they are not in use so that they are inaccessible to unauthorized and at-risk individuals provides a practical and proven way to increase the safety of our homes and communities."

    The Secure Firearms Act will provide up to a $1,200 federal income tax deduction for the purchase of a gun safe, or other safety devices, through Dec. 21, 2014. The act would also prohibit the Internal Revenue Service from using tax deduction claims to produce any kind of gun ownership registration.

    As the leading organization to promote firearm safety, NSSF launched Project ChildSafe in 2003 specifically to educate gun owners on their responsibility to keep their guns out of the wrong hands, and provide the tools to help them do so. Through partnerships with law enforcement NSSF has distributed more than 36 million free firearm safety kits and safety information to gun owners throughout the U.S. as part of this program, and between 2000 and 2010, fatal firearm accidents dropped 22 percent. Firearmsaccidents are now less than 1 percent of all fatal accidents in the United States.

    The Secure Firearms Act is also endorsed by the National Rifle Association.

    By: NSSF
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    I think the NRA, it's 5,000,000 members, about 100,000 certified instructors and those who went through the Eddie Eagle program might dispute that claim!
    But it is nice of them, even though late, to join in.

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    This is great news, especially for anyone in the safe business. (NSSF probably pushed this one pretty hard) Too bad they can't specify made in USA. Hate to see a tax deduction for anyone buying imports. I got a tax deduction when I bought mine by storing my tax records in there (there is still room for my other stuff). But It would be nice to get that mess out of there.

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