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From another site worthy of sharing:

Reasons to own a buncha guns

1. So that you can call yourself a "collector" instead of a gun nut.

2. Because the notion of "the right gun for the job" can be interpreted any way you see fit.

3. Because each of your great-great-great-great-grandchildren should have something to remember you by.

4. Because when Armaggedon strikes, and you rush to the gunstore, and the only box of ammo they have left is 6.5 x 55 mm, and you have nothing to shoot it out of… well, aren't you going to feel pretty darn foolish.

5. Because diversity is our greatest strength.

6. Because you owe it to your fellow gun nuts to make them look reasonable by comparison.

7. Because every gun teaches you something.

8. Because you can.

9. Because every time you buy a gun, you're keeping it out of the hands of a bad person.

10. Because you want to be able to identify with the hero in any action flick.

11. Because Elvis would.

12. Because if time travel is ever perfected, and you can bring all of them back to the Alamo, Davy Crockett, Bill Travis and Jim Bowie are going to think YOU THE MAN!

13. Because one day, when you're famous, every gun you ever owned will be worth a fortune.

14. Because when the government makes a list of every kind of gun you're not allowed to own anymore, you'll have a few that they never even thought of.

15. Because when the cops lay all your stuff out on a sheet, take a picture of it, and publish it in the local paper, you want all the other gun nuts to be envious.

16. Because .25 autos need love too.

17. Because owning at least one of everything is the only known cure for that woozy feeling you get when you stare into the cases at the gun store.

18. Because the more guns you keep in your safe, the harder it'll be for a crackhead to load it onto a handtruck and cart it out the door.

19. Because your dot-com stocks may crater but you'll always be able to swap a Glock for airfare out of any Third World hellhole on the face of the earth.

20. Because unlike computers, the guns you buy now are not going to be available cheaper and more powerful in six months.

21. Because "number of deadly weapons owned" is an extra credit question on the entrance examination to Valhalla.

22. Because you don't want to be "out of it" when the merits of the Nambu Type 14 are discussed on the API list.

23. Because Bill Clinton doesn't want you to.


Feel free to add to this list.....
25. Because men need to accessorize for the occasion too.
26. Stimulating the economy with my purchases.
30.) 'Cause you never know when mutations cause you to have more arms and hands attached to your torso. And more arms means more arms.
It seems 27-29 got skipped or were deleted after #30 was added, in either case number 27) or 31)
you should always have a spare around, cause ya never know.
#32- Because on the very off, BUT REASONABLE, chance that the SHTF and YOU got stuck hosting the family reunion, at least you can be cheered up by the fact that you can arm them all and then some.
18. Because the more guns you keep in your safe, the harder it'll be for a crackhead to load it onto a hand truck and cart it out the door.

I LOLed at this.

Because the size and numbers of zombies will vary and no one know what caliber is best yet.


35. Because fondling Guns Builds Up Testosterone (really) and More guns means more Testosterone so you can be manly man.
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