Really, Wolves violate invasive specie act

Discussion in 'Northwest Hunting' started by 44mag2ndamend, Mar 1, 2015.

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    I just picked up on this and it is intended for those who did not read the Oregonian. This is really having a need to stop.

    I can only think about all the farmers and ranchers whom supply us with grain and meat here locally and how much damage it will do in the future. These are Canadian Wolves, not indigenous to our locality, there fore an invasive specie.

    Anyone who fishes in Oregon or Washington for that matter already knows and sees the damage the seals are doing to the Salmon Runs we have fought to restore for over 100 years.

    Critical mass is coming on both of these issues, as we are taking up with other things like how big Kim Kardashins' butt is?

    I personally have moved from looking at people from the eyes of jesus, to the eyes of whom I really am. A MEAT EATER!

    Portland is going to being moving out of the law of the rest of the land. Joining me?
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    I agree with you whole heartedly on all counts, BUT you have to admit that Kim (no talent) Kardashian DOES have a bohunkus the size of an old Cadillac El Dorado.... :rolleyes:

    (FWIW- I can't STAND pop-culture..... Ick)
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