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    I want to say Hi to all brothers and sisters that are members at I am thankful to find likeminded individuals who take serious all of our rights as Americans. We are living in days that are challenging for all of us. We have elected a president that openly has no regard for our constitution or our rights as Americans and I believe overwhelming evidence shows currently to substantiate a ban on all guns not just assault or military style firearms but his intent to disarm the citizens of America is already very clear. I am not a conspiracy theorists but strongly seek to know the truth. There is substantial testimony being given by law inforcement oath keepers and military individuals who are coming forward with precise knowledge of the intents of the office of Homeland Security and the role that they are taking among the states that are willing to partake in thier plan of gun confiscation and martial law. Prior to WWII, Hitler decieved the populas of Germany for 15 years openly declaring his inward thoughts and agendas while the rest of the world had its head in the sand. We as Americans, for many of us have had our head in the sand. We have a dictator as president with no regard for our constitution, our rights as Americans and to take the entire nation into absolute bondage. Up and above our rights as Americans I take very serious my faith in God and believe as a God-Fearing man that as a nation we have been turning away from God and history shows that all nations that have taken this path have eventually ended up in judgement. I believe that the greatest thing we can do is pray but also stand up as men and women and stand against any attempts of our constitutional rights being eroded or removed. Don't have any misunderstanding of my Christian faith, because it is clear in Scripture that we are to love our brothers and sisters whether they believe the same as we do or have faith in God. May we stand as individuals and collectively as Americans against any attemp to remove our constitutional rights. I look forward to sound information and hopefully will be able to also bring forward information that will allow us to recognize the serious condition we are under as Americans. I look forward to hearing from any and all members and hope to be a positive member at Thanks to all, Watchful1
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    That's a mouthfull!! Welcome to NWF.

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