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Realistic 5 Gun Bug Out... family in tow.

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by accurateone, Feb 8, 2010.

  1. accurateone

    accurateone Eastern Washington Member

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    What Can you carry in a "bug out" Drag Bag Limit it to 5 or 6 and consider weight including ammo in same, or separate duffel bag.

    Here's the scenario: Natural disaster, volcanos blow, OR faults under Willamette & Columbia Rivers open and part of Portland dissappears, OR Dam failure... flooding, bridges out. Last but not least, Man made problems, Financial collapse, riots in streets. Enemy attack, limited tactical nukes,
    Coastal & river ports invasion... What ever, you HAVE to go, NO BUGGING IN, and a bug out vehicle is only going to get you a short distance and now your on foot and being pursued ( by bullets, lava, flood waters, fall out, whatever). You've got to carry your gear by hand (duffel etc.., Drag Bag- on your back or as you choose, but you have to carry all your other gear too.
    In fact if you don't carry it you won't have it again! No more running into Bi-Mart or Wally World for extra shells. Considering the weight are you really going to want to carry 400 12Ga. oobucks.

    Have you ever loaded your 5 favorite EOTWAWKI weapons in a bag and carried them on your back?
    Remember you need, emergency pack, clothes, food, shelter, water etc also...and you have to carry it and look out for the others in your group or family!

    So what is your list really going to be? An M1 garand, a 50BMG, and a 12 Ga. with 500 rounds for each? Come on, get real! Put your weapons, ammo, and gear in bags hoist them up and tell me you're going to get 20 miles on foot with that. Now do it again for a couple weeks.

    1 .22 Revolver shoots s,l,lr, birdshot without feed problems
    2 Hi Cap 9mm, NATO round can be found, light to carry in bulk.
    3 Type of AR, NATO availability, Versatility, accuracy, Hi Cap portability
    4 Bolt ie: rem 700 Mtn Rifle w/ top glass, Knock down, Range, Durability
    5 Ruger KGP 100 6", 38 & 357 Defend & provide, Shoot, club, pry, shoot!
    and always a few good edge weapons. :thumbup:

    With what you've got right now... what are you going to CARRY?
  2. magnum

    magnum Springfield American....'nuff said

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    I've been reading several of these type of postings recently and have given it some serious thought. My 5 choices would be my:
    3.ruger mkII
    4.remington 870 12ga.
    5.kimber ultra carry 45
    With these 5 guns, I figure they would cover most needs in a shtf senario.
  3. Riot

    Riot Benton County, Washington Well-Known Member

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    Just FYI, I'm also planning to bury a rifle and ammo out in the boonies to ease this answer up a bit. Maybe going out and buying a Mosin Nagant with a bulk spam can is something you might want to look into as well.
  4. accurateone

    accurateone Eastern Washington Member

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    Very nice selection magnum
    Possibly a little heavier than I wold choose to carry with ammo, and all my bug out gear, but a very nice selection indeed.
  5. accurateone

    accurateone Eastern Washington Member

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    I hear you Riot,
    does lighten the load. I just always had it drilled into me that if I own a weapon its containment and whatever is done with it is my responsibility....
    Maybe I'd have to bury a whole gun safe! Wouldn't that leave a signature for a Metal detector?!
  6. Trlsmn

    Trlsmn In Utero (Portland) Well-Known Member

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    I would pack 5 guns in any situation other than with a motor vehicle.
  7. Boats

    Boats Flicking A Switch To Open My Third Eye Well-Known Member

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    1. VZ-58--7.62x39 (8.1 lbs. with 30 +1 loaded in.) Three more fully loaded spare magazines weighing 1.5 lbs each. Rifle with one loaded mag, plus three more loaded mags = 12.6 pounds. 121 ready rounds. Six more boxes of ammo in bag=15.6 pound total carry weight for the platform.

    2. S&W M&P9 (2.0 lbs loaded at 17+1) Each fully loaded spare mag weighs about half a pound. Pistol with one loaded mag and three spare loaded magazines plus 120 rounds in boxes= 5.0 pounds total carry weight for the platform.

    3. Marlin Model 70PSS take down .22lr. (3.25 lbs unloaded and broken down which is how it would be carried.) One brick of .22lr is about 4 lbs=7.25 pounds total carry weight.

    4. Done


    Total firearm and ammo weight=27.85 pounds.
    Shots on hand: 241 centerfire rifle, 189 9mm JHP, 507 .22lr = 937 shots.
  8. unionguy

    unionguy Portland Active Member

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    That's why you just carry a sidearm and your .308-chambered battle rifle. I don't see myself carrying out 5 guns plus ammo. If I'm truly bugging out, my boys will carry a .22 and my wife the shotgun. You need to carry shelter, food, tools, water, etc.
  9. MountainBear

    MountainBear Sweet Home, OR Well-Known Member

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    Assuming your enemy invasion scenario was happening, things loosen up a good bit. I believe in the Rambo way of doing things (re-watch "First Blood"). Start with a rock and trade up until you have a duece and a half with an M60...

    Assuming the other (and honestly, more likely scenarios), I would grab my 1911 with what ammo I have on hand (usually a couple hundred rounds). I would grab my Garand. I have quite a healthy bit of ball ammo, but I figure I would probably grab five bandoleers of ball ammo and one bandoleer of AP ball. I would also grab one of my .22 pistols with a at least five boxes of Winchester Super-X (500 rounds). I would like to grab my 12 guage and AR as well, but could probably live without them and I prefer my Garand to anything else I own...
  10. Wheeler44

    Wheeler44 SW Washington Member

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    There are so many possible scenarios within the parameters given it's almost impossible to choose......

    But I would never attempt to "Bug out" with 5 firearms that I have to personally carry.......Even if someone else was carrying the rest of the gear....

    I'm pretty sure there would be a .22 in there somewhere somewhere....