Real Tula sniper or a real let down?

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by RugerFan, Oct 31, 2014.

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    Hello folks... I need your help,
    I bought three mosins about two months ago from a private party sale. One was a pretty standard cosmoline covered izvesk hex, a pretty nice condition Romanian m44, and a cosmoline filled Tula sniper. He claimed the sniper was the real deal and I believed him, so I bought all three. I just would like you guys to confirm or disprove if my rifle is real. The stock is pretty dinged and scratched but the rifling is really strong.




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    im by no means the mosin guru and some more pics and checks of things would have to be made before i was convinced of such. Is this a recent import ? (import marks on reciever? )

    The barrel appears to be properly marked, i do question the reciever however. Seems a lot of the recent imports appear to be made up from misc. parts ( as in this pic barrel and reciever have different finnish) does the reciever have scope mount holes in sidewall of reciever? Pic of scope mount would help

    more investigating is needed, im not convinced this is in original configuration but may be made up from sniper parts as they all look to be correct from what we can see. scope date and barrel date are a bit off and not sure this would be normal for an original. However whos to say what configurations we would see after wars and bouncing around the globe

    Im still guessing sniper parts and not an original complete
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