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re: WAGR'S Initiative, that was delivered to the Sec'y of State's office today...

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by GunnyG, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. GunnyG

    GunnyG The Highlands Active Member

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    This email just arrived:

    What immediate recourse do we have? Email our opposition to this initiative, to the Sec'y of State kim.wyman@sos.wa.gov ?

    Legislators too? (Not complete by a long shot, and in no particular order...) elizabeth.scott@leg.wa.gov joe.schmick@leg.wa.gov matt.shea@leg.wa.gov shelly.short@leg.wa.gov norma.smith@leg.wa.gov david.taylor@leg.wa.gov brandon.vick@leg.wa.gov judy.warnick@leg.wa.gov jt.wilcox@leg.wa.gov hans.zeiger@leg.wa.gov Fred.Finn@LEG.WA.GOV Haigh.Kathy@leg.wa.gov Drew.Macewen@leg.wa.gov Timothy.Sheldon@leg.wa.gov John.Smith@leg.wa.gov Schoesler.Mark@leg.wa.gov pam.roach@leg.wa.gov Ann.Rivers@leg.wa.gov kirk.pearson@leg.wa.gov linda.parlette@leg.wa.gov mike.padden@leg.wa.gov Steve.Litzow@leg.wa.gov curtis.king@leg.wa.gov mike.hewitt@leg.wa.gov Bruce.Dammeier@leg.wa.gov sharon.brown@leg.wa.gov Don.Benton@leg.wa.gov Randi.Becker@leg.wa.gov Michael.Baumgartner@leg.wa.gov Barbara.Bailey@leg.wa.gov gary.alexander@leg.wa.gov jan.angel@leg.wa.gov vincent.buys@leg.wa.gov bruce.chandler@leg.wa.gov cary.condotta@leg.wa.gov larry.crouse@leg.wa.gov cathy.dahlquist@leg.wa.gov richard.debolt@leg.wa.gov susan.fagan@leg.wa.gov larry.haler@leg.wa.gov mark.hargrove@leg.wa.gov paul.harris@leg.wa.gov brad.hawkins@leg.wa.gov dave.hayes@leg.wa.gov jeff.holy@leg.wa.gov mike.hope@leg.wa.gov norm.johnson@leg.wa.gov brad.klippert@leg.wa.gov linda.kochmar@leg.wa.gov joel.kretz@leg.wa.gov chad.magendanz@leg.wa.gov matt.manweller@leg.wa.gov terry.nealey@leg.wa.gov steve.oban@leg.wa.gov ed.orcutt@leg.wa.gov jason.overstreet@leg.wa.gov kevin.parker@leg.wa.gov liz.pike@leg.wa.gov jay.rodne@leg.wa.gov charles.ross@leg.wa.gov

    The Gov, https://fortress.wa.gov/es/governor/ & Lt Gov? ltgov@leg.wa.gov

  2. mancat

    mancat Kitsap County Well-Known Member

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    this is a bizarre statement.
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  3. Dave Workman

    Dave Workman Western Washington Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    Yes, the first idea I have is to remind everyone here, and that especially goes for people with a tendency to sign initiatives, is to NOT SIGN this thing.

    Back in '97 when they ran I-676, the gun registration measure, there were signature gatherers outside the NRA convention in Seattle and several people heading into the convention actually signed that thing! I cannot fathom that kind of stupidity.

    "brain dead" is about the best I can come up with....