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    I have a Winchester model 70 in .270 , the was passed down from a family member. It was made in the Fifties and has been heavily fielded. I works perfectly and shoots wonderfully. A lot of the metal parts finish has come off over the years of use. I would like to have it refinished, and would like any input as to if and who could do this for me.

    Any input would be appreciated.
    Thank You
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    Are you sure you wnt to refinish it? Any collector's value is gone. As with painting a car, the result of refinishing a gun depends on the care with which it is prepared. Any bozo can round the corners and smear the stamping before it goes into the tanks. When I was in Gunsmithing school I prepped everything by hand because I didn't have the skill to do it with power tools and have good results. That is an art in itself. It took longer, but they all came out really nice. I would not refinish a family heirloom and remove its history.

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