RCBS Trim Pro, Power Drill accessory

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by shoe, Aug 3, 2011.

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    Noticed that it's only a 1/4" hex rod, a washer, and a machine screw.

    Anyone know the dimensions of the screw? I know its only $15 for the accessory but I don't like to spend money when I don't have to :laugh:

    Been using a lee trimmer w/ power drill and pilot and am tired of how the cases slip out sometimes and the drill or pilot slam into a hand :(

    Looking forward to getting a giraud or a Dillon electric trimmer in the future but need something in the interim to trim a couple thousand .223/5.56mm
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    That "hex rod" is actually a straight "Allen Wrench". Just take the screw from your trimmer to the local hardware store and get a socket head screw that matches. Then go to some place like your local Auto Parts Store (O'Reilly has them here) and buy a cheap allen wrench assortment that has the ball shaped end on the longest part. Cut the "L" end off and chuck in your drill.

    Another way is to buy a long machine screw or bolt that matches the thread of the handle screw. Cut the head off, put a lock nut on the threads, install in the end of the shaft, use lock nut to secure, and then chuck the screw in your cordless drill.

    The allen wrench method is nice because of the "U-Joint" effect of he ball end allen wrench but you have to manually pull the cutter out of the case each time. With the long screw/locknut, you can pull the cutter back with the drill.

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