RCBS Scale and various dies and LE Wilson Trimmer

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    Open to offers, will ship at actual cost.
    FTF near I-5 from Centralia to Olympia.
    First PM gets first dibs.
    Thanks for looking!

    1.) Hornady New Dimension Custom Grade in 30-06 **SOLD**
    I bought these new and sized about 100 cases, never used the seating die.

    2.) Lee Pacesetter 3-die set in 375 H&H Magnum $25.00
    Bought new 9 months ago and never used, includes FL, Seater and Factory Crimp.

    3.) RCBS FL 2-die set in 300 Win Mag $10.00
    Older set, exterior corrosion, innards look fine. Part # 15301

    4.) RCBS 3-die Carbide set in .38 ACP SA (group B) $25.00
    Very clean, look new. Part # 20209

    4.) RCBS 3-die Carbide set in .41 Magnum **SOLD**
    Very clean, look new. Part # 18512

    5.) LE Wilson Case Trimmer, no shell holders. $50.00
    Shell holderes are available through Midway, unique design supports case.

    6.) RCBS Ohaus Scale, model 10-5 (??) $35.00
    Used, works well, good backup - no batteries needed!

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    .41 dies sold and shipped, thank you!
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    Bump. Sold Items Removed.

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