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RCBS Reloading Supplies

Discussion in 'Reloading Classifieds' started by Tree79, Nov 7, 2013.

  1. Tree79

    Tree79 Oregon Member

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    For sale is everything that you will need to start reloading. $360

    -RCBS Rock Chucker Reloading Press
    _RCBS Model 5-0-5 Reloading Scale
    _RCBS Powder Trickler
    _Kinetic Bullet Puller
    _RCBS Reloading Dies
    300 Winn Mag
    357 Mag/ .38 Special
    45 Auto

    The following accessories are also included,
    2 bottles of RCBS Case Lube
    RCBS Decapping Pins
    RCBS Deburring Tool
    RCBS Primer Pocket Brush Combo
    RCBS Shell Holders # 3 and 6
    MTM Case Card 150(which holds the shells which you are working on)
    4 plastic cases which hold 20 rounds of rifle ammo each
    1 plastic case which holds 50 rounds of pistol ammo
    2 full boxes of Barnes 30 Cal .308 Dia Projectiles 180 Grain
    2 Partial boxes of 165 Grain Nosler Boattail Projectiles
    1 full box of 38 special/ 357 Mag158 Grain HP/XTP Projectiles
    Approx 375 Rifle Primers
    Approx 175 Pistol Primers
    I also have a number of 300 Winn Mag, .38 Special, and .357 Mag brass as well as some rifle and handgun powder.

    4th and 5th Edition Nosler Reloading Guide

    1 Powder Keg, which is a great place to store your gun powder.
    1 81mm Cannon Ammo Case, originally made to house, store, or transport cannons has made a great case to store the reloading supplies.

    Everything from the literature talking about reloading to all of the supplies including the brass. If you were to buy everything new, it would be about $800. All of this for $360
  2. Tree79

    Tree79 Oregon Member

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  3. Tree79

    Tree79 Oregon Member

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    sold, thanks for looking