RCBS Reloading Startup Equipment-All you need.

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    I bought this RCBS Reloading kit new about a 3 months ago for $320, and it included all the main stuff like the Scale, Press, Charge Dispenser, Hand Primer, A big dang book by RCBS on everything and anything reloading, and then some Misc. trays, holders, & Funnels for different parts of the reloading process. Some additional things that i bought are the stand for the powder Disepenser, 3 boxes of Handgun Ammo holders (50 Rounds Each), a set of RCBS .45ACP Dies, A bottle of Powder, and 100 Hornady XTP JHP Bullets. In all i Spend $452 one i went on my Reloading Set up Purchasing Spree. All of the items i have will come in the Original box, and all the items i have are about as close to new as possible. I have reloaded a total of 19 Rounds of 45ACP with this stuff.

    TRADES: I WOULD PREFER TO TRADE INSTEAD OF SELL, BUT MAKE AN OFFER AND WE WILL SEE. I am interested in pretty much anything AR15 Related but would be most excited about getting a nice sight for my AR. I have a Flat Top set up and would like anything from a Holographi, Red Dot, to anything slightly magnified. I would not be interested in any full bore scopes as i have this set up as a mostly close range gun. I would also like any AR Furniture, Grips, Sights, Lasers, Rails, Stocks, and also any internal parts or any upgrades to improve accuracy, reliability or anyhting of that sort. If you have any questions just let me knowl and remember, the worst thing i can do is say no so atleast make an offer and see where it goes. Thanks

    CASH: I am asking for $375 OBO for all of this stuff. If you have any questions on specific items that i have let me know but as of right now i am not interested in breaking up this stuff, only in selling it as a complete set.

    I live in Sweet Home, OR. which is about 2 Hours south of P-Town, but i make it up North about every other week or so, and if your a serious buyer i would be willing to try and meet in salem, which is about an hour trip north for me. Thanks alot for looking at my stuff and if you have any questions feel free to let me know and ill do my best to asnwer them.

    -RCBS Supreme Press
    -5-0-5- Mechanical Scale
    -Hand Priming Tool
    -Uniflow Powder Measure
    -Case Lube Pad
    -Case Lube & 2 Case Lube Neck Brushes
    -Case Loading Block
    -Powder Funnel
    -Hex Wrench Set
    -Debur Tool
    -2011 Speer Reloading Manual

    -Set of 3 RCBS .45ACP reloading Dies
    -box of 100 hornady Xtp 185 Grain JHP Bullets
    -2o0 once fired 45ACP Brass
    -accu FLOW powder dispenser stand
    -1 bottle of Gun powder
    -1 45ACP Brass Holder for The reloading press
    -three boxes of Reloaded bullet cases-50 rounds each








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