RCBS Pocket swager combo

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    25.00 shipped..First I'll take it gets it.pm me your info and I thank you.I have it on another forum so the time stamp rule applies'

    I have a like new RCBS pocket swager kit.I modified an extra rod to work with 5.56 cases easier than the one that came with it so there is 2 rods,One for large caliber plus the head unit for the pocket and one for small caliber plus the head unit and 1 case popper(to pop it off the case).It was a large rifle rod I slimmed down to fit better.Only did about 10 cases with it. if you have brass that has crimps,this is what you want.

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    On this forum you are required to close your own ad once the item has sold or you're no longer selling the item(s).

    Here is how you can do this.

    First, return to your ad

    Second, Look in the upper right hand corner for a pull down menu that says "Administrative" and select it with your mouse

    Third, Select the option "Close Thread" and then click the button that says "Proceed".

    It is that simple! You're are done.

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