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    I have two sets of RCBS Dies (FL Die set 7x57 Mauser #13801) used $20.00 each.
    I have one set of RCBS DIES (3 Die set 41 Mag. RN SWC #18508 used $20.00

    I have 143 count of 7x57 Mauser brass trade or sell for $10.00[/COLOR] < brass SPF.

    I have 76 count 41 cal. 200 gr. JHP, and 213 count 41 cal. 210 gr. SWC lead-copper bullets will trade or sell for $10.00

    I have 7 miscellaneous 41 Mag. rounds, 38 count primed unused 41Mag. casings, 42 count unused, unprimed 41 Mag. casings and 43 count of spent 41 Mag. brass, All 41 Mag. components $20.00

    I would trade a die set for a (FL 6.5x55 Swedish Mauser Die set #13201) or ( 7.65 Argentine Mauser Die set #14301) Both RCBS.

    I work in Oregon and Live in Washington. PM/Me your responses.

    This is my first post.:)
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