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Discussion in 'Northwest Hunting' started by flashpan, May 13, 2014.

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    Headed over to the Fort Rock area again this WE to work over the rats, but a month ago we did not shoot that much . Not sure if it was just the wrong pivots fields or too many shooters(this area is open to the public?? )The weather was pretty decent also...anyway if any one is willing to share a better place, we would appreciate it. Also I have an itch to shoot a rockchuck...any ideas on which type of area to look for. Thanks for any help.
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    Be sure you have permission We were over there a couple weeks ago and many of the property owners are getting really pissed off at finding people on their property without permission. Densdale farms has a Whole long list of rules now when you check in. We were told many of them have had it and won't give permission to people they don't know or at all.
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    I hunt that area every month for coyotes, most of the farmers are done with fighting the rats and are setting out teams of traps and poison, shooting them just instant working, then you ad in the theft, damage to pivots, equipment ect. and the liability of someone getting shot, most of them would rather pay for the poison. few more years and most of that area will be closed, now the crane burns area is a different story, there are several organic farms in the crane area and they can't use chemicals to kill the rats so take plenty of ammo.
    good luck

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