Rare Smith & Wesson Night Guard 315NG 38 Special

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    I bought this piece new and it has not been fired since it left the factory. It is a matte black 6 round .38 Special Night Guard with a 2.5” barrel built on the K frame. It has a Scandium-alloy frame with a stainless steel cylinder—light weight (24 oz.), but heavy duty. It is approved for .38 special +P ammunition. The front sight is a XS “big dot” tritium night sight. The rear sight is a Cylinder and Slide Extreme Duty fixed sight. The grips are Pachmayr compacts. These custom features came standard from the Smith & Wesson factory. More details in the following reviews:

    Smith & Wesson’s New Nightguard Series Revolvers

    Own the night

    I bought this revolver partially for investment purposes—fewer than 1,000 were built, and as time passes I expect this revolver to increase in value. If you want it as a shooter, it is an excellent concealed carry weapon—with defense rounds such as Speer Short Barrel .38 +P ammunition, it has plenty of firepower for “social situations,” and quick and accurate follow up shots will be easy. I really like this gun, but unfortunately, I need to sell it.

    It is yours for $700 cash. I have a Sideguard holster for it that I will include at no extra cost. One stipulation: In order to document the sale, I require submission of Form FIR-652-004 “Pistol/Revolver Private Disposition/Transfer” to the Washington Depart of licensing. Washington buyers preferred, but will sell to an Oregon buyer if the buyer can get a gun shop to process the transaction at the buyer's expense.
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    Hello, I have been looking for this gun. I saw that you want a WA or OR buyer. Will you accept $750 for the gun including shipping it to my FFL in Louisville, KY. I will send a postal M/O to you, along with the FFL license and address information. I have accomplished several transactions like this.
    Thank you,
    Kyle P.

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