Rare OM 3 screw flattop Blackhawk

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    Good condition Old Model Blackhawk 4 5/8" barrel made in 1958 (this model was only made in part of 57, 58, and part of 59). Concave ejector rod head, one of the rarer versions of the Old Model and it's unconverted! Some honest holster wear and a solid turn ring, but locks up tight and is in great shape. Comes with an SD Myers holster.

    I'm interested in the following for trades:

    Quality 12 ga pump or auto loader. Prefer Ithaca 37, Rem 870, or Beretta TX4 Storm.

    1911 in .45

    Scoped rifles in .270 or a magnum caliber (7mm, .300, .338 etc). Prefer stainless and synthetic but open.

    Lever action in .44 mag, 30-30, or 45-70.

    Reloading stuff.


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