WTS/WTT OR *RARE* Alert single stack 92"m"

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    OK guys this is a hard one to post. She's has very very little wear, some on safety and a mark on frame. Captured pretty well on pics. With less than 100 rounds through her. Along with the high dolar lined high noon holster. Mags are near impossible to find as well. This is really for a special person, only for true connoisseurs. Edit... [Centurion marked slide that makes this eve more elusive]
    Looking for a Gen 3 UTAS preferred marine edition (long shot) Maybe a keltec KSG. Also need a nicer 1911 prefer colt, kimber. Would be Into a Beretta 87 in 22lr...if not I would take $1000 in cash. But would prefer trades. Trade value is a bit higher. I reserve the right to sell to anyone, or deny dealings with anyone for any reason. No noobs. OK ramble over.

    20160106_044835.jpg 2016-02-28%2012.54.48_1.jpg 2016-01-09%2005.44.45.jpg
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