Rare AK74 45rd & 30rd Bakelite magazines FULLY LOADED w/stripper clips

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    I believe the 30rd is E German fully loaded with 7n6 $40

    45rd Russian fully loaded w/7n6 $75 (comes with three stripper clips & guide)

    Everybody calls these "bakelite" but I've also read they're made out of polyethylene

    FTF in Portland. No shipping, if Washington resident then please meet me on my side of the river, my car is very dangerous and could explode whilst operating it

    Trades? I'm trying to update my airgun collection so a .177 or .22 springer would be good, I have a real soft spot in my innerds for the Chinese ones.

    parts, mags or ammo for the following

    AK74 (mags, stock,ammo)
    AR15 (mags,stock, ammo, flash hider)
    Glock 22 (mags,ammo)
    Daewoo (pistol grip, stock)
    1911 (mags, ammo)
    S&W MP .45 (mags)
    Ruger 10/22 (tech sights, ruger mags)
    SKS (choate stock, drum, paratrooper length cleaning rod)
    Mosin Nagant (ammo, sporter stock)
    .357 (ammo)
    XDM Compact 9 (mags)
    TT33, CZ 52 (mags)
    Makarov (ammo, mags - for any gun chambered 9x18)

    if you want them but don't have the money just send me trade ideas, I'm also into electronics and looking for a cheap desktop
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