WTS/WTT WA Rare 1 of 75 Survive!GSO 7/7 Spearpoints + Rare Emerson M-Wave. Collectors, step inside!

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    Greetings all,

    As I recover from my tryptophan overdose, I figure I'd see if there's someone out there that wants to snag one or two rare ones...

    As per usual, the pictures tell most of the tale:...

    1. First up, one of the ~75 or so original GSO 7/7 Spearpoints. I just got this one in not too long ago, and its a beaut. No signs of use, maybe just a little handling/sheath wear. Has firebow divot if that matters to ya. Comes with original box (tho it has been used for shipping, so there is tape, shipping labels, etc. on the exterior). I have been on a push to purge safe queens, but I might make an exception for this one...I am in NO rush to get rid of it. I did do a little searching, and wasn't finding much on one of these selling in the recent past, so definitely not something you're going to be seeing everyday.

    Here's a GSO video showing one of these in action:

    Asking $380 USPS Money order, shipped/insured w/ tracking number for the 7/7. Paypal: $395. **O.B.R.O.C (Or Best Reasonable Offer Considered)

    WP_20151119_002 (1).jpg

    2. Next up for your consideration is an rare 2007 Emerson M-Wave. These were a limited collaboration with Hilton Yam and Emerson. Essentially, they were something of an enhanced Mach1 variant with larger than normal Wave tab/hook for positive deployment and 3 blade configurations. As I recall, there were three batches of these. A tan handled series, the second black scaled model, and a green scaled batch. I believe there were 100 pieces each...something like 35 plain edge, 35 combo edge, and 30 with about 2/3 serrations.

    This excellent example was from the second batch, serial number 042 from 2007. Combo edge. Its in basically 9+/10 unused condition other than handling/storage/etc. Comes with box, tho the box is a little wrinkled/warped.

    So if you're a serious Emerson collector, this will be a nice one most folks won't have (there's probably only about 34 others in this configuration).

    Asking $299 USPS Money Order shipped/insured in the US. Paypal: $310 shipped/insured.
    O.B.R.O.C. (Or Best Reasonable Offer Considered).

    **PACKAGE DEAL: Buy both the GSO 7/7 + Emerson M-Wave for $650 USPS MO/$665 Paypal!! **

    Partial Trade Interests:Mostly looking for cash,but one of the following might get my attention (partial trade):

    - Emerson CQC8 or Journeyman
    - SwampRat Rodent 6
    - Sebenza 25
    - Nexus Spartaco
    - Nexus Carthago.
    - Busse NMFSH (if you have a fatty, I'll make you a REALLY good deal). Sheath strongly preferred.
    - Busse Batac or Boss Jack
    - TOPS Skullcrusher (just to get a little thumping time with that thing)

    Things along those lines...NOT looking for generic (BM, Spyderco, etc) items.

    **Some cash might change hands depending on what you've got.**

    As per usual, I offer my 24 hr no use/no mod/no disassembly inspection.:thumbup:

    Standard Operating Procedures, Please Read:

    1. Any trade offer must be in excellent++/LNIB condition. **If you've done any home mods, I'm probably not interested.** I want factory edges...no 'reprofiling/regrinding/'thinning out the edges' beyond perhaps a sharpening at close to the factory setting.

    2. Any traded knife mailed to me must be PROPERLY packaged. That means a proper-sized BOX, bubble wrap, and packing materials. I'm getting tired of receiving knives with what appears to be a grand total of about 15 seconds of packing effort. Also: Insurance of the full value of the trade item(s) is required. If you choose not to fully insure the value of the item(s) you're shipping, you assume all reimbursement/replacement costs in the event of loss/damage.

    3. If you don't have anything I'm looking for in trade and/or are interested in purchasing and/or have a counter-offer, please do NOT ask me what I'll take for it--email/pm me an offer. Do your research...Low-ballers will be ignored. :thumbdn: Also, make sure your resources are current.

    4. Please do not waste my time. If you say 'Deal,' I expect you to honor your commitment. Have your financials in order before making offers!!!!.

    5. No, generally speaking, my prices aren't 'flipper/pseudo-dealer/profiteer' friendly.

    The usuals: USA only, must be 21 years old, payment as specified above. I reserve the right to withdraw at any time, with or without selling/trading, transact with whom I want, etc etc etc.

    Listed elsewhere as well.

    Email or PM with any questions.

    Thanks for looking.
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