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" I taunt you for a second time "


French k-niggit: * directing * Fetchez le vache!
Other k-niggits: * in unison * Eh?
French k-niggit: * in stronger terms * FETCHEZ LE VACHE!

Was looking for these while @sobo was checking to see if the bridge was still there.:D

"...even if we make that, we have a river to cross..." ~KH🎥
Not is the same river, different location, different season, and with lower water level.
Mullet19 ~ Business Up Front
Party in the Back...
Not really....though the MK19 can be fired top-side...there is a comfy chair, screen, and a fight-stick inside the hull. Ammunition container capacity of 96 rounds of High Velocity 40mm HEDP (M430A1) grenade with a shape-charge... capable of penetrating up to 3" of steel.
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