So a friend of mine dropped a bunch of stuff on my table at the last gunshow, saying that he was done coming to the shows. I don't want to have to buy another table for the next show, so I'm going to try to get rid of some stuff before then (not until November). I am open to trades on most of this stuff although a few items belong to another friend, and he'd prefer to cash out. Those items will be notated "No Trade". All items are in my possesion, so you can deal with me on them.

Thanks for looking.

1. Complete lower end from Ruger Blackhawk. Grip frame, black factory stocks, hammer, trigger, springs, etc. Brand new. Take off parts from custom project. Like new parts. Do not want to split this up, sorry. $100 No Trades.

2. No gunsmithing Ruger Mini-14 scope mount with Weaver 1" Rings.

3. Leather IWB Holster. Looks to be for a 3" barrel auto. No makers marks. Cannot say for sure what this fits, so priced accordingly. But it is brand new. Sold

4. Two Thermold Mini-30 Mags. All I can find online are these prices around $38, so I figure $20 apiece.

5. Two Eagle Mini-30 Mags. These seem to be about $12 online, so how about $5 apiece.

6. Champion Adjustable 1911 sight for Novak cut slide. $25

7. Dan Wesson Factory CBob (bobbed frame) micarta grips.

8. Leather J-Frame thumb break holster. Made by George Stark in LaPine, OR. Used, but all stitching is solid and there are no major marks in the leather. Sold

9. Bianchi Black Widow holster for Taurus PT145. Looks brand new, no packaging. Seem to be about $50 online, so how about.

10. Ace brand belly band holster. Medium size.

11. Leather pancake holster for 4" medium or large frame revolver (not sure which). No makers mark. Looks to be left handed. sold

12. Brand new Uncle Mikes Kydex holster for Glock 20, 21. Left hand. In packaging. $15

13. Hunter brand single action revolver holster. Looks to be for 4" to 5" barrels. Model 1100-10 8907.

14. Hunter Sure-Fit Holster. 2200 series, Size 3. Check hunters website to see what it fits, it lists a lot of guns including colt officers ACP, colt DA revolvers, etc.

15. Bianchi Speed loader pouch. Nice accumold nylon, retains its shape. Dusty, but all stitching and nylon in good shape. $10, One left.

16. AR15/M16 bandoleer repack kits. Each bundle contains a bandoleer with seven pockets. Each pocket contains the cardboard wrap and three 10 round stripper clips. Also has the sheetmetal mag loader for the stripper clips. All bundled in an OD green .308 caliber ammo bag. $5 apiece. I think I have 8 or so of these. Discount given to multiple.

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I am happy to ship, and assuming the item is a holster or something small, just add $5 to the price of the item. Want multiple items, I'll consider working out some sort of volume discount.
Actually, they look like they would function either way, depending on what way you broke it in...

Spray-and-pray: The PM system don't seem to be working, but one of the 4" holsters is yours. I'll get you payment information tomorrow...
Up the ladder. Thanks to those of you who took some of this stuff off my hands, it's less to haul to the gunshow this weekend...

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