Rainier bullets: new and blems

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    Inventory includes NEW and "SECONDS".
    The seconds are blems, not over-sized or under-sized, just cosmetic for the most part. I think most shooters will be pleased with the "seconds".

    9mm 124 RN box of 2,000 $145
    9mm 124 RN box of 1,000 $75
    9mm 124 HP box of 1,000 $75

    45 cal 200 HP box of 500 $60

    *SECONDS, listed below*, with slight blemishes, mostly cosmetic and not even detectable to the un-trained eye. All are the proper size and weight.

    *38 158 HP box of 1,000 $85

    *40/10 165 RNFP box of 500 $45

    *45 200 HP box of 1,000 $90
    *45 230 RN box of 1,000 $90

    This was cut and pasted from my blogspot RELOADING BRASS CASINGS

    Tacoma area, often in Bremerton. I am often in Renton, Lynnwood and Kirkland. Email me if you want to meet and I will share my schedule.
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