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rain barrels/food buckets

Discussion in 'Preparedness & Survival' started by Barefoot343, Mar 10, 2011.

  1. Barefoot343

    Barefoot343 liberalville Active Member

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    Hello, Curious if anybody knows a good place to purchase rain barrels w/ filters and food buckets with lids?

  2. Blitzkrieg

    Blitzkrieg WA Well-Known Member

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    My local supermarket bakery dept gives me free, cleaned out buckets with lids if I ask nicely. Most of the lids are rubber gasketed

    For barrels look to surplus yards and food canneries that import items like hot peppers, (they use the Mason Jar type barrels, very handy for storing or caching gear, and I even use some for dry paper and kindling storage, outside for emergency fire starting) and also soda pop factories, they use DOT food barrels (regular bung type barrels) to transport the syrups and the phosphoric acids, etc

    There's also this guy in Oregon who sells barrels, last I looked he was selling the business

    The Barrel Man - Home

    Says : Not for potable water but that may just be a legal disclaimer
  3. Father of four

    Father of four Portland, Oregon Well-Known Member

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    Inexpensive food grade buckets with lids can be found on Craigslist. You have to keep checking daily to get the good deals.

    I just picked up 50 (5)gallon food grade buckets with lids for $112.

    That's all I will need for a while.

    Good deals on rain barrels can be found there too I bet.
  4. spectra

    spectra The Couve Moderator Staff Member

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    Check out this guy PLASTIC BUCKETS His prices have went up I picked up buckets with lids for 2 bucks each a couple of months ago. Also check out the local Safeway as the one down the street from me gives them away for free.