Rain Barrel sale: Woot- $69.99

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    Up a bit from last time, Woot has the Good Ideas Rain Barrel on sale for $69.99. Even the anti-prepper liberals in Portland have hopped on the "you need emergency water" bandwagon, They are starting a prepper-drive so that each and every house have AT LEAST 14 gallons stored per person in the event of a catastrophic earthquake. I welcome our unprepared brothers and neighbors into the fold. Hoping that they need my help even less and are more self-sufficient.

    Get yourself some chlorine or an inexpensive Sawyer water filter and you're covered for a family of 3+. If you need a 50 gallon rain barrel to collect runoff to save for an emergency, if you have access to a downspout, here ya go.

    It's in the tool/garden section of Woot.

    Oregon Public Broadcastings new riff on emergency water, with some great points on this, and ideas if you are a renter and no downspout: http://www.opb.org/news/series/unprepared/oregon-earthquake-14-gallons-water/
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