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    My church is doing a fundraiser to raise money to replace an ailing sound system. We are selling 750 tickets @$20 a pop for a chance at a $1000 amazon gift card.

    This is a licensed raffle so there are some limitation on selling tickets over the internet so sales have to be FTF - but they will let me advertise online :)

    Some of you were looking for 'good' charities. I can tell you that 100% of donations will go directly to the replacement of this sound system. (Prize, license fee & ticket printing were all donated). Our church supports our local community with a food closet, Angel Tree (gifts for prisoners to give to their kids), Families on the outside (another prison ministry support group), AWANA's club, daycare services, annual harvest fair and more. A new sound system will help with all of the above.

    The church is a 501c3 but raffle tickets are not tax deductible.


    Any help would be appreciated.
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