Radial Arm Saw, Table Saw, Truck Rack w/ Protech Toolboxes

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    I'm MOTIVATED to sell this stuff, it hasn't been used in years and its time to move it out! :thumbup:

    "Truck Rack Company" branded truck rack with the optional (removable) middle support bar, and custom made Protech aluminum high side bedrail tool boxes. The rack looks almost brand new as it was sanded down, primer coated, then finish coated last summer and has been sitting since then on the "blocks" you see. ;)

    image4_zps4d328f3b.jpe image7_zpsafa14015.jpe

    The left-side has no shelving for bulk tool/material storage, the right-side has shelving frames inside but needs plywood cut to size and easily dropped in for small tools/material storage... or can be completely removed leaving no holes in the cabinet.

    (BTW- that's just pine needles & dirt from a piece of wood that was sitting on top of the one box for over a year... ;) )

    This was used on a '94 (old body style), and a '99 (new body style) Ford F350 extra-cab (but may fit other makes and models), and is PERFECT for contracting or landscaping businesses.

    The dimensions are:

    65" wide (although it can flex inwards and outwards for minor width differences)
    96" long
    25" exactly from bedrail to the bottom of the cab over tubing. (you should have at least 2" of space between your cab and the tubing)

    Original cost (new) back in the day was $650 for the rack, and $1,500 for the custom tool boxes...

    would like $1,000 OBO or possible trades for something I can use. (I'll also help you install it on your rig)

    Next is a Sears/Craftsman 10" radial arm saw, it works great and can run on 110v or 220v electricity. Currently its set up for 110v.

    image8_zps5f9c6c4a.jpe image10_zps0282691c.jpe

    Asking $150 OBO/trade (Could possibly bring to you if you are within a reasonable distance from me.)

    Finally, a Ryobi BT300 10" table saw with quite a lot of optional accessories. Looks like a router mount accessory, an extended support table, dado throat plate, etc. The moptor runs very strongly, but it does need a few minor parts like the arbor nut, blade washers, and the two spacers that can be had for under $30 total.


    I bought this from an elderly couple (for too damned much!) who needed the money for medical bills, so I gave them their asking price of $275... I'd like $150 OBO/trade (Could possibly bring to you if you are within a reasonable distance from me.)

    Did I mention I am MOTIVATED to move this stuff?! Shoot me a PM, LET'S MAKE A DEAL!! ;)

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