Quote from Bobby Seale - on recording the police

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    My summary: The public recording the police is as important as carrying firearms in public.

    If you don't know the name, the group of men with Bobby Seale and Huey Newton, would become known as the Black Panthers. They marched in Sacramento with their rifles. This led to the CA legislature and Governor Ronald Reagan under NRA pressure enacting restrictions on firearms. The weak and not in power blacks, were exercising the natural right as spelled out in the Constitution. That ban led to the unpleasantness of '68.

    This is a recent quote on using cell phones to record the Police:

    Bobby Seale, the co-founder of the Black Panthers: "He's talking to us and he said 'you know, we walked around with those rifles not to defend ourselves, but so the cops would know who we were. It would put them on edge and make them do their job right,'" Gold says. "[Seale] said, 'The phones you carry around with you today are so much more powerful than those rifles we were walking around with back in the day.'""

    Source for the quote:

    Here is back ground on the Sacramento march if you interested:

    '68 Unpleasantness
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    As much as I can respect Bobby Seale trumpeting his 2nd Amendment Rights, the guy and his organization distributed pro-Communist propaganda and openly supported Mao Zedong, who, himself, banned Chinese citizens from owning guns and committed horrible genocide against his own people, murdering 20,000,000 people. So, before I can go and support Bobby Seale and his cause of defending the American Constitution, I have to ask why he would support the very people who seek the destruction of the Constitution and set up a police state which he is fighting against?

    Sorry, but I feel the Black Panthers were as much hypocrites as they were freedom fighters. Also, the New Black Panther Party was one of the proudest supporters of Obama and actually had harassed, intimidated and even assaulted people in black neighborhood where they were present if it was found out they were not voting for Obama. This organization doesn't seem very freedom loving and open-minded to me. I have hard time sympathizing with the Black Panthers.
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    Well said 4Freedom.
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    Not to mention this brings up something else to think about Had the Black Panthers not marched on Sacramento would the people then in Government passed the gun control laws they did?

    SO how is it much different to have a bunch of guys packing Black rifles around the State Capital in Salem or Olympia. All they do is scare the goobers in the government into thinking they need more gun control laws.
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    The difference is that the people at the 2A rallies in Salem are not advocating control over anyone, nor do they have a history of violence. It's important that we maintain perspective.
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    While today’s NRA takes hardline positions against even the most modest gun control measures, this was not always the case. Throughout its history, the NRA supported gun control, including restrictions on gun ownership, and was not focused on the Second Amendment. But the organization had a change of heart in the 1970s when the Black Panthers advocated for an individual right to bear arms. Ironically, the Panthers were the founders of the modern-day gun rights movement.
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