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Thanks for that.

Local "youngster" (20's) I corrupted with the Sharps bug wants to make that trip. He chased antelope with me last year with his Pedersoli Target Rifle (12 pound gun, .45-70.)

I got stupendous video of him watching a herd we had traveled 3 miles on foot to approach and stalk. We baby-sat them for almost 2 hours. He turned down a shot I might have taken. He was careful and declined.

And then he killed the biggest damned goat in the world 5 days later with a .308.
I believe that my MT husband knows 2 men who went to this shooting event. One of them is dead now and the other one no longer posts on forums.

My husband owns this movie and it is one of his favorite movies! I like it but he REALLY, really likes this movie.

Crazy Cora cracks him up! Me too.

I adore the late Alan Rickman as an actor too. I love Tom's work as an actor too.

Years ago, I spoke to a man in Big Timber about one of their rifles. When I sold a bunch of my handguns years ago, I offered to gift my husband one of those rifles.

He likes them but he is happy with his MADE IN CT Marlin Classic '1895' 45-70 Government caliber rifle so he declined the offer. I thought that was crazy but since he would be shooting it - it was his decision.

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