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Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by jefe, Mar 22, 2012.

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    Tried various search parameters to see if this has been posted. Closest thing I found pertained to "gifting."

    Question: if I'm looking to trade a firearm, is it a legal issue if someone contacts me and says:
    (1) he wants what I have to trade.
    (2) his friend has the firearm I'm looking for.
    (3) he will buy the gun from his friend.
    (4) he'll trade the firearm he buys from his friend for what I have.
    So he's looking to buy a gun in order to trade for what I have. Legal?

    Just want to make sure everything is done properly. Thoughts, ideas, facts?
  2. slimer13

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    GTG. Probably wanna call the sherriff with the serial # to verify if stolen or not though.
  3. SnackCracker

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    I would also make sure it's not getting traded or sold across state lines.
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    As long as he is from your state

    Meet up with the guy or talk on the phone to see what kind of person he is.
    Then make the trade,since it isn't unlawful to make a trade for a gun.
    When he bought or how he came about the gun has nothing to do with when he can sell it.
    I mean as long as it wasn't stolen.
    I would guess this happens close to 2-300 time a weekend at a gun show.

    He can go to the store and buy himself a gun,that he knows you want,then trade it to you.
    As long as he bought it for himself in the first place.Which he would have.He would have bought it for trade stock.
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  5. unklekippy

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    How he acquires the gun(as long as he does it legally) has no bearing on your deal. You are transfering firearms from private citizen to private citizen within your own state. In past private deals, I have purchased or traded for a specific gun that was in my possession long enough to trade it for the gun I was looking for in the first place. When you have a large group of friends/family that have firearm collections themselves, you will find that this practice and circumstance is not at all rare. As long as both firearms are legitimate and both parties are felony-free, upstanding individuals, you should be in the clear legally as I understand it in the state of Oregon. Good luck with your trade! Kip.

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