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    Greetings all. Im new here so bare(?) with me. I just bought a used SKS SPORTER NORINCO LABANU 7.62X39 1993 at a pawn shop. It has the original(?) wood thumbhole stock but no cleaning kit in 'trapdoor' like AK and no sling. Overall I am pleased with its looks. Haven't fired it yet, think I will today though when i get home. Any specific history with this rifle that somebody can help me with? Much Thanks in advance.
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    I find it hard to give some specific history on this piece without seeing some pictures of it but I can offer up some general information. It appears that you have a variation 'M' carbine. This Sporter was imported between 1992 and 1994 and it takes standard AK-47 type box magazines. Variation Ms were imported in 16" and 20" versions with the 20" version being extremely rare. I don't believe that a 20" version was ever imported with a thumbhole stock, also most Sporters were imported without an arsenal cartouche stamped on the frame. This particular model may have been imported through Ronkonkama, NY. Importation was banned in 1994. Enjoy your purchase. I hope you got a good deal on it.

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