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My bother in law past away about a year ago and his wife wants to get rid of these mounts as they are not to her liking ...... Non Hunter. Anyway , I said I would sell them for her and if you guys can give me an idea of a selling value of each of them ... that would be great.

As you guys know .... #1 is a Blacktail 4X5 ..... # 2 is a Blacktail 5X5 .... #3 is a Fallow Deer shot near Powers Oregon still in Velvet .... and the last is a 5X5 Elk .

And .... can the horns in the last picture be sold in Oregon ????

ALSO ..... I am in Oregon ... is it legal for me to sell them . He mounted them himself , so there is no paperwork on them .

THANKS for the help

DSC00224.JPG DSC00226 (1).JPG DSC00225 (1).JPG DSC00227 (1).JPG DSC00229 (2).JPG DSC00228 (1).JPG DSC00230 (1).JPG DSC00231 (1).JPG DSC00233 (1).JPG DSC00232 (1).JPG DSC00234 (1).JPG DSC00236 (1).JPG DSC00235 (1).JPG DSC00211 (12).JPG
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Several years ago OSP told me that buying/selling wildlife like antlers, mounts, etc needed a permit from ODFW. the point is to reduce the trafficking of wildlife parts with no oversight. I suppose poachers would love to openly sell mounts and racks if there was no accounting for where the mount/rack came from. Same reason we cant legally keep a deadhead.

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