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question on rifle

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by blacktail hunter, May 4, 2010.

  1. blacktail hunter

    blacktail hunter southern oregon Member

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    A buddy has a rifle he just got and knows nothing about it like the cal. it's a wthby mark v has a nice stock thats inlayed but it says use only weatherby ammo 300wm so is it a 300wm or weatherby mag and will a 300wm chamber in it?
  2. MrNiceGuy

    MrNiceGuy between springfield and shelbyville Well-Known Member

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    If your gun was made around this time, I't might be a Win Mag.
    If it was not, your gun is chambered for 300 Weatherby Mag.
  3. elkcraz

    elkcraz oregon Member

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    Pretty sure that it's a weatherby mag. But I have seen them in win mag. A win mag will chamber in it but will be loose. I believe the weatherby mag is a little longer and a little larger in diameter. I would take it to a gunsmith.
  4. motoman98

    motoman98 Gresham, OR Active Member

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    Seems like the Vangards were in the more common calibers. Being the longest,If the Weatherby round will chamber, that's it.
  5. afp

    afp o New Member

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    The Wby case is a little longer but has the same rim and head diameter. Both should chamber in the Wby chamber but only the Winny will chamber in the Winny chamber.


    The smart thing to do is take it to a good gunsmith and have him check it. If it is chambered in something funky there could be disasterous results when you pull the trigger with the wrong ammo.
  6. Buano

    Buano NC Member

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    Be sure BEFORE someone pulls the trigger. Mark Vs were much more common in .300 WEA (Weatherby mag) but have also been produced in .300 Win Mag. As this is marked .300 WM, a .300 Win Mag is what it SHOULD be. With that marking I would be 99.9% sure it's a .300 Win Mag.

    If a .300 Weatherby round will fit in the chamber, it is a .300 weatherby chamber as the .300 WM is a little smaller. A .300 WM will fit in either chamber.

    Hope this helps.