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Question about in-state transfers

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by EUGENE the REALTOR, Sep 17, 2015.


    EUGENE the REALTOR Portland Metro Active Member

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    When doing a transfer, is the seller's previous background check for the pistol he's selling accessed? In other words, since this new law is in effect, will they check prior transfers to make sure you are the legal owner of a gun? Or is it just like shipping a gun off and just show ID?

    I only ask because my brothers and I sometimes go in on guns together. We don't care who technically own the guns. We let each other borrow them and they go from safe to safe to safe. Sometimes one of us will really like a gun and just keep it (borrow it forever). Other times none of us care for it and we will sell it.

    So with this new law, do we have to keep track of who did the background check for each gun? Or can any of us just go in with a valid ID and do the transfer?

    OLDNEWBIE State of Flux Well-Known Member

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    Siblings are exempt if I remember right? Better check to be sure.

    So as long as you and your Bro are not in dispute as to who owns the gun when you sell, it should be O.K.

    Now if the gun was transferred to either of you after SB941 without following the new rules watch out!

    It obviously can be proven you didn't comply, by manufacture date or a copy of a prior transfer done after SB941. Do they do that?

    Why make the law if they aren't going to follow through?