Question about cleaning new suppressor

I just picked up my first suppressor, which is a SWR Spectre II. I have read all kinds of different things about properly cleaning a .22 suppressor and thought I would ask my NWFA friends about what methods you guys use. I do have a ultrasonic cleaner available to use and was wondering what mix you use in it. I was also curious about what solution/method can be used when I am away from the ultrasonic cleaner and want to clean it in the field, at a friends house, etc. Thanks
ultrasonic cleaner will work for it since it has stainless baffles. You can use dip as well.

or probably the fastest method is bead blasting with fine glass bead.

you could even wet tumble them with a small rock tumbler that you added some agitators to and use stainless pellet pins as tumbling media with some dish soap and a spot of lemi-shine.

Should clean right up.

Tumbling is probably the least work involved, but blasting is definitely the fastest and most effective method. literally 5 minutes or less to bead blast all baffles clean. it takes seconds per baffle with glass bead.
ultrasonic will help remove the carbon fouling, but won't do bubblegum to lead deposits.

the least effort for cleaning stainless baffles is ultrasonic for carbon followed up by the dip for lead.
Chances are good you won't be doing so much shooting that you have to clean it away from your shop area/home.

The things can take at least 500 rounds before they start to get sticky.

That said my personal routine is as outlined above but I do it in reverse; I do the dip first then finish with the Ultrasonic, and complete the job with solvent and some bronze brushes.

This is my Spectre-II cleaned up after about 300 rounds using the above method.
Before re-installing I paint the baffles on both sides with TW-25B weapons grease. It really helps to keep the lead from bonding to the steel.



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