PWS DC-10 piston upper

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    Hey all, selling my PWS dc-10 upper, i just keep wondering why its so long???? [smilie=smiley_abused.gif]
    So i want the 7" diablo in 7.62x39 now, selling this to compensate.

    Upper is in great condition, havent used it that much. Was kind expecting you guys to want to shoot it :roll: can offer a horse a post sample and ammo but cant make'um shoot it.

    this is PWS details as per web site:
    The DC-10 (Defensive Carbine, 10 inch) is the intermediate sibling to the Diablo, with a mil-spec receiver and a 10" cold hammer forged chrome lined barrel barrel chambered in 5.56 NATO.

    The DC-10 utilizes the same fixed op rod design as the Diablo, while possessing a 10" barrel for those that require additional barrel length and added velocity in a short package.

    Starting with a 10.5" chrome lined barrel with a 1:7 twist, the DC-10 is a true combat carbine. The low profile quad rails give the most possible room for accessories and XTM rail covers from Magpul are included for when the picatinny rails are not in use.

    The DC series uppers utilize a long stroke piston system for additional dwell time and smooth recoil.

    The DC-10 features a non-protruding top rail and an A2 flash hider. This is done so that the end user may swap the existing muzzle device for the device of their choosing or to thread on a suppressor of their preference.
    Chrome Lined 1:7 Twist and Bolt
    Mil-spec Upper Receiver
    F/A Bolt Carrier Group

    Added a PWS 556 FSC comp instead of A2, no rail covers. Unless you want some, then ask me about it.

    ALL NFA RULES APPLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Upper only, $950.


    like stated, looking to FUND the purchase of a new upper from this, BUT that said, the only trade i would be interested in would be a Sig p229/228, railed or not, in 9mm.
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