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    I just read this article on my weekly patriotpost newsletter...

    "In Virginia, AutoZone employee Devin McClean thwarted a serial armed robber by using his own firearm. After recognizing the "Fake-Beard Bandit," who has robbed more than 30 businesses in the York, Virginia, area, as he came in with a gun to rob the store, McClean ran out to his truck, retrieved his gun, and chased the crook from the store, potentially saving himself and all the customers.

    His reward? AutoZone fired him, of course, for violating the company's zero-tolerance "no firearms in the store" policy. Here's hoping McClean finds new, better employment soon, and that as many people as possible avoid AutoZone for its truly pathetic reaction to a valorous citizen exercising his Second Amendment rights.

    I don't normally get involved in activism, but I have been a loyal customer of Autozone for many years, and decided to tell them what I thought. Below is the website to send an email to their customer service, and I included my comments to them. You have permission to plagiarize from my comments.

    <broken link removed>

    "Dear Autozone management, I have been a loyal customer spending several thousand dollars a year at Autozone. I recently read in the news that you had fired employee Devin McClean from the Virginia store where he worked. McClean's actions were heroic in that he acted in self defense and the defense of others, where as your pathetic and demeaning "zero tolerance" store policy encourages victimization. You must be unaware of the thousands of annual instances where firearms are lawfully used to prevent crime. Your chain's policy is unacceptable to me, since I exercise my 2nd Amendment rights on a regular basis, and your policy apparently excludes those who exercise legal concealed handgun privileges. I will be paying the higher prices at Napa and O'Reilly in the future, instead of placing myself in an environment where only criminals will have access to weapons. A public statement correcting this mistake would be appropriate and prevent further loss of income to your company."
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