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    Our Pushover integration is now complete!

    For those of you who aren't familiar, Pushover is an app/service which makes it easy to get real-time notifications on your Android, iPhone, iPad, and Desktop via push notifications. This integration allows you to receive your Northwest Firearms forum alerts when you're away from the site.

    This is very similar to what native apps do, such as TapaTalk which we recently removed. Unlike TapaTalk, you have a much wider range of options when it comes the notifications you receive.

    For example, I'm watching the Handgun Classifieds with alerts enabled. Each time a new ad is posted, I get a notification with the thread title. Even though I'm on the computer most days, if I'm in the middle of something I'll usually check these alerts on my phone next to me.

    The Pushover app is a one time purchase of $4.99. I assume most of you who will use this are likely already Pushover users, but new users who want to give it a try can get a 7-day free trial.

    Once you have the app you can subscribe by going to Account Settings > External Accounts here on Northwest Firearms.


    Login to the Pushover service (if you aren't already), and it'll associate the two accounts.


    From there you can go back to Account Settings > External Accounts > Pushover Alert Types and choose which notifications you would like to receive.


    Any questions, just ask ;)
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