Purple Heart - God Bless Our Vets!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by skydiver, Sep 15, 2011.

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    I had the pleasure of meeting a Vet this week that had been wounded in Viet Nam.

    His painful injuries have followed him every day.

    When I thanked him for serving our country, he replied; "save that for those that didn't make it back!"

    I have the pleasure of owning and shooting firearms because of the freedom they paid for in blood.

    God Bless Our Vets - those that didn't come back and those that did!
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    Your post brings to mind something about one of my grandfather. He was EOD in the Army during WWII. He made it through the invasion of Normandy unscathed...how, I don't know. I know of 3 of his buddies that didn't make it. When he got back home, and to this day, he displays the purple hearts his buddies were given posthumously...how he got those, well, he doesn't talk about it. In fact, he doesn't talk about his time in the Army at all and he has never displayed his awards, ribbons, certificates, or plaques like other Veterans do. He has told me time and again that the memory of their service and their sacrifice is more important to him than anything he did and deserves to be remembered.

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