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I have a friend that works at a BiMart store and she called me today to tell me that I might want to stop by and look at some guns today. So of course I did. I've been trying to buy a Savage 22 WMR with an Accurate-trigger, for some time. As you all are aware, the shelves are empty. Today I was able to buy Savage B22 in 22WMR! It has a Ruger style, rotating magazine with a ten round? capacity and it comes with a scope base, but no iron sights. It was $249.00 plus tax. When you buy from BiMart they don't charge you a fee for doing the background check.
While I was doing the paper work, a man with an Eastern European accent came in to pick up his Taurus TX22. When the clerk brought it out, I asked if they had any more of them and he replied that they had eight of them at $249.00 each! Well sir, in for a penny, in for a pound. I purchased one of those too! I've been trying to chase down a Kel-Tec P-17, but haven't had any luck, so this one will fill the bill until I'm able to find one.
So, $541.00 for both guns out the door including tax and I am a happy camper. Of course there wasn't any ammo to be had, but they did have a 6.5 Creedmore for under $300 if my memory serves me right. Perhaps I can sell a few more pints of plasma and donate at the fertility clinic and then put a Creedmore in the safe, although admittedly, there's no more room at all.
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