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    Lab Puppy Sculpture by Austin Productions. This is a beautiful sculpture of a Labrador Retriever puppy crouched in a play position. It's about 16" long, and 12" tall.

    The Austin Productions company produced sculpture using durastone, a cast material that used crushed stone. It is very heavy and durable. The bronze finish is very realistic, and is in great condition. Between the weight and the finish I thought it was cast bronze.

    These are out of production, and Austin has closed its doors. I found a website that puts a $277.00 price on it, but I find that hard to believe. This is somewhere between art and decor, and I'm selling it for $80.00 OBO. Give it a good home.

    Obeys the "stay" command very well, but will not fetch, roll-over, shake hands, or speak. Almost house-broken. :D

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