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Public Indoor Range - prices?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by glock.40, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. glock.40

    glock.40 Orygun Active Member

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    Anyone know how expensive it is to buy ammo or rent guns from the Clackamas Co. Public Range? There aren't any prices on the site except for the $15 to get in. Thanks!
  2. SKN

    SKN Keizer, OR Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    First time visitor, half-price lane fee; also a discount on Fridays if you bring in a box of cereal and for women. Ammo prices comparable to other facilities but in a bigger, brighter, cleaner, and safer indoor environment; not all calibers are available all the time so call ahead.

    Bring a functioning firearm to rent one, and a single rental fee covers any gun of a single caliber.

    Short computerized facility orientation, hard copy safety test and waiver are all required. Substantial monetary penalty for damaging equipment, expulsion for unsafe gun handling.
  3. FritZ PDX

    FritZ PDX Portland, OR New Member

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    I went once about a year ago. It was expensive, by the time I paid for 200rnd of .22lr and 50rnd of 9mm and the lane fee it was over $80. I joined Johnson Creek Gun Club and its only $120 for a full year membership. Plus I don't haft to buy there ammo, and I can take a guest.
  4. Neil

    Neil Portland Metro Area Member

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    I last paid $28 for 357 and $5 for 50 22lr... When you first go there is a coupon to make that visit range fee cheaper in the informational there. I think 45 was around $19 if I can remember correctly.

    I thought it was fun to go to a semi-highend range, but I don't see a reason to go back when there are inexpensive private ranges.
  5. Outrider

    Outrider Oregon Active Member

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    PTSC is a nice, clean indoor range. Unfortunately, everyone has to buy PTSC's ammo at inflated prices. The annoying thing is paying a high price for aluminum cased ammo. Recently, I bought Winchester Ranger ammo cheaper than what PTSC has charged for their range ammo. I was happy to get a good deal on the Ranger ammo, but PTSC really should offer better pricing on ammo. I know it's only a few bucks per box difference, but it adds up quickly.
  6. USMC1345

    USMC1345 Gresham, OR Member

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    I've been a member at Clackamas PSTC for 2+ years now. Here are all the prices for the range that I know of. If you want my opinion on the range or staff, ask and I'll pm or post it here.

    ~$175 = first year of membership
    ~$110 = annual membership after first year
    $15 = nonmember lane fee
    $10 = lane fee for a guest of a member
    $10 = gun rental, $8 for members
    $25 = fee for shooting the ceiling
    $5 = fee for shooting the target carrier
    $1 = per target, any target that they sell. No problem with bringing your own paper targets. I usually do.
    $10 = .22lr (100)
    $16 = 9mm (50)
    $17 = .40 (50)
    $18 = .45 (50)

    If you know of a friend or relative that also might like to shoot there, check on the family membership program. I added my brother last time I renewed and it brought my cost down by about $20 per year:D
  7. SVT-ROY

    SVT-ROY Tigard Resident Beretta guru

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    I've heard you need a ccl to get a membership at jcgc?
    Any idea if this is correct.
  8. Murphy

    Murphy Oregon Member

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    You do need to be a member of the NRA.
  9. Contract_Pilot

    Contract_Pilot Vancouver, Washington Active Member

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    I am stopping my membership to the NRA when it expires and going to give my money to OFF. OFF has been more help to me than the NRA we should talk to the ranges and see if they will take OFF members.