PTR91 w/wide forend-bipod-40 mags TRADED

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by NWRed, Jun 25, 2012.

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    I traded into this recently and it's just not what I'm looking for in an AK. It's in great overall shape, I'm unable to shoot rifles until they remove the pins from my hand.

    I'm the 2nd owner, first owner used it some as evidenced by usage marks on the mags. They're all Circle 10 30 round 5.56 mags, no cracks or chips on the feedlips.
    The grip has been replaced with a Tapco SAW grip, everything else is factory as far as I'm aware. It has a 16" barrel with the flash hider-barrel shroud covering the last few inches.
    $1100 shipped to your FFL from me, add $30 if my FFL needs to ship it.

    Next up is a clean PTR Inc model,AW serial range that comes with the factory hardcase, cardboard box, and 40 mags. I'm the second owner, first guy didn't shoot it much, I haven't shot it at all. Currently unable to shoot rifles until they take the pins out of my hand.

    It has a green POF buttstock and wide handguard with bipod. These came from, current retail is $48 &$140 respectively.

    Asking $1300 /obo FTF or $1350 shipped to your FFL.

    Open to partial trades for :
    economy 9mm/.40/.45 handguns
    Savage staggered feed .308/.223/6.5/7.62x39 rifles with 4.275" hole spacing
    Mossberg MVP or Savage Hog Hunter rifles
    AR15 lowers
    AR15 scope mounts 30mm and 1" ( Burris/SWFA/RRA/Armalite/$50-ish type mounts)
    Primary Arms type red dots
    AK74 mags and 5.45x39 ammo
    AK sidemount scope mount for 30mm scopes
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    PM Sent.
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