WTS OR PTR91 308 1150$

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by Howell Verdantsky, Jul 8, 2015.

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    Hey guys,

    Have you been looking at 308 battle rifles? Look no more. I built this because I played WAY too much CS GO and wanted the HK91 (but didn't have 3 grand to blow).
    Nothing feels better than putting 20 rounds of 308 down range as your friends stand in awe and look at their AR15 like they are holding .22 rifles.
    I honestly do not have enough chest hair to own this gun. So I am looking for someone who would like to own this rifle.
    I have too many mags for this rifle, I swear I had 8 but I can only find 7. I also do not have enough pouches to hold the amount of magazines that I have for this weapon. It is currently fitted with an adjustable AR style stock with a cheek riser so you can look down the scope. If you would rather run it with iron sights and a holo sight just unclip the cheek riser and remove the mount.
    This package also comes with wood and polymer hand guards/stocks for this rifle so if you are feeling retro and want to wood stock it, have at it.
    Yes, that is a tri-rail if you want to mount more bubblegum too it, and a Cabellas 3x9 optic on the top. UTG bipod and slim green sling.

    This rifle is not on the list of serial numbers made with trunnion issues and the bolt gap is so close I don't even see the point of using calipers for it.

    I would love for someone to own this rifle, it just isn't for me. In addition if you hand load this rifle rapes your brass and is heavier than hell. Besides that this is fine quality replica of the HK91 and I would trust it as well much as its German made brother.

    Package includes:
    Cabellas pine ridge 3x9 scope, Tapco Stanag 4x scope
    Adjustable stock with cheek riser and shoulder sissy pad cover.
    Aluminum Tri rail with a UTG Bipod.
    Wood and polymer hand guard and stock.
    7 magazines, 2 belt mounted pouches that hold 2 mags.
    Steel trigger package (original is polymer)\
    Green sling
    Carrying Bag

    I am looking for 1,100$ Cash OBO. PM FTF Let me know :)





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    Question did this sell - I'm looking for a JLD A serial prefix rifle
  3. Howell Verdantsky

    Howell Verdantsky
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    Still have it and the serial is A0564

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